Ladies of Harley

Western Connecticut H.O.G.®
Ladies Of Harley or L.O.H.

Encourages women members/motorcycle enthusiasts (rider or passenger) to take an active part in the chapter at whatever level they are comfortable with.

You must be an an active female full or associate member of National H.O.G, to be affiliated. If not a member you can log onto to update your membership profile. Ladies of Harley is another benefit of your H.O.G. membership and is free-of-charge to active members, but the benefit is not automatic, you do have to enroll. You will get a pin and patch and your H.O.G. membership card will be updated to reflect your enrollment.

What does LOH do? THAT is up to YOU! Not only do we build on the experiences and successes from previous years and previous officers but we also rely on you, the individual member. Your imput, your participation is needed. No idea is a bad idea and it is my hope that all interested ladies will participate. There are many opportunities for participation as noted below. Our goal is to ride, (your own Harley or on the back of of one) and have fun with the rest our awesome chapter!

Rides: Short rides, long rides, even overnight adventures- building memories and stories to tell. Isn't that what it's all about?

Charity Events: Do some good while having a great time!

Monthly Meetings: Have a great time with your friends while getting the latest chapter news.

Volunteering: Our chapter has a variety of activities you can volunteer for - anything from helping at an event to be becoming a chapter officer.

Dinner Rides: Ride to eat.

Safe Rider Skills Program: When at least 12 chapter members complete accredited courses, H.O.G. awards special recognition to the sponsoring dealer/retailer and chapter.

Holiday Events: Parties - all sorts of holiday fun.

The West Conn Ladies of Harley are a diverse group of fun, intelligent, creatively talented and dedicated women of different ages, backgrounds and professions. We all work together to make our H.O.G. and L.O.H. events worthy and enjoyable; of course, we also love to ride and have fun ..... and we look forward to welcoming YOU into the group.

Christiane Rahuba, L.O.H. Officer

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